Finding A Good Taxi Dispatch System

Finding A Good Taxi Dispatch System
12/09/2018 cabtreasure

Features of a Good Taxi Dispatch System

Staying competitive in the taxi-hailing industry and beating the odds surely needs a good taxi dispatch system. A taxi booking system is the soul of any taxi company and is a defining thing that can make or break any taxi firm.

A good dispatch revolves around providing convenience to the customers while assisting taxi-hailing companies with useful insights and help in managing day-to-day operations.

taxi dispatch system

Taxi Dispatch System is taxi software that allows allocation of rides to drivers by a single click. The moment customer book a ride, an immediate notification is displayed on the admin panel. The operator then assigns the ride to the nearest driver.

Taxi software automatically pushes the notification to the driver panel who in turns, accept or decline the ride. The customer is notified about the driver’s name, place, and address and estimated time of arrival.

Customers can easily book a taxi from anywhere, and can even schedule a ride. The taxi dispatch system records the customer ride and makes sure that the operations are carried out at the earliest possible time.

While there are hundreds of white label taxi apps available in the market, the best app will cover your needs.

There are certain features that create a wall between an ordinary dispatch and an outstanding one. The blog focus primarily, on important features that are a must-have for any taxi dispatch system.

There are three components of a Taxi Dispatch System

Drivers Application:

Driver Application should be integrated with cutting-edge technology and modern features of taxi software. An ideal applicant will support a unique login access and a compulsory GPS tracking system. Other than that, there are many proactive features described below:

Statistical Earning Report:

It is an integral part of taxi booking app that enables the drivers to keep a close eye on their earning. They can keep a check on their share and companies’ share. The driver application should have the dispute feature that the driver can use to complain about any issue about a particular ride.

Earning report works as a mirror for a driver’s effort, while it motivates him to earn more.

Real-Time Notification & History of Rides:

Driver application should support the notifications sent by the operator. The application should notify driver about any recent update or important notification during the ride. The driver application should also highlight the bonuses and other benefits to the driver and should show them a track of their performance.

Any system error in driver app will void the whole process of taxi dispatch.

Customer Support:

Remember, Drivers are your asset. Their loyalty matters the most. Driver booking app should allow driver to contact the customer care department during the ride and off the ride.

Passenger Application

Passenger application is the soul of any taxi booking system. The customer booking application should be convenient and feasible for anybody trying to book a cab. Make it less hectic, and more convenient. The end goal should be to enable everyone to use your app easily.

The app should allow them to login via facebook or google id while making it less hectic to log in. Often, people find it difficult to log in. This, in turn, can be a major reason for the loss of customers.

The app should have the feature to notify them about recent promos, discounts, and free rides. This is, in fact, the best way to increase customer retention and manipulate their trust in your company.

The application should generate a customized bill at the end of each ride. The bill should include the pricing compromises of km/price, waiting time, starting time etc…They will ensure satisfaction of your customer and will increase their loyalty in your business.

A customer should be able to bookmark their favorite location so that they can be easily located. This way they don’t have to enter their location every time. It’s all about adding convenience

Rating is an integral part of any taxi booking system as it notifies a business about the performance of its driver and the satisfaction of the customers.

Admin Panel

A good taxi dispatch system revolves around making day to day taxi operations convenient and easy. It allows the operator to assign ride to nearest drivers by a single click. A fast and efficient dispatch is necessary for a smooth flow of operations, and that can only be achieved by an integrated taxi dispatch system.

User Management:

User management is an instrumental part of the admin panel. This helps the operator in managing new and old drivers along with their performance.

Real-time tracking Of Drivers Activities:

Real-time tracking helps a company in monitoring the movement of their drivers while they are active. This way they can verify fake rides if any. Moreover,  the company can distinguish the availability of drivers and demand of rides.

This is a phenomenal feature of any taxi dispatch system as it provides useful insights of the demand and availability factor. If the demand is more, the company will have to work on getting more drivers on board. If the availability is more, the company has to work on marketing new customers.

Surge Pricing:

When the demand exceeds, prices do exceed as well. This is a useful tool that allows the operator to surge certain areas with respect to the demand.

Driver Management:

The admin should have the lethal authority to add, delete, and block any driver. This will avoid any sort of delinquency for the business.

The best taxi dispatch system works on improvising daily operations of a taxi business and helps the company with useful insights for their activities. This helps a company in making smart decisions about their business. In order to find out the best taxi dispatch system, one should ask for demos from different companies. This will, you will be able to find out the one that can cover your needs.

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