How Our Taxi Management Software helped Our Clients

How Our Taxi Management Software helped Our Clients
18/09/2018 cabtreasure

The success stories of our Clients

Cab treasure holds the expertise in providing innovating dispatch solution to its client in United Kingdom, and across the world. We take pride in helping taxi businesses reach their success target. At cab treasure, we have a long list of successful clients that were able to boost their ROI, and ultimately their brand recognition. We believe in providing top-notch services to our clients while ensuring their target market and needs in mind.

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To any business functioning in the world, client’s success means a lot. Like many organization, we have got many successful stories of our clients. I am here to list out few.

Our Mobile Application helped our client win the race:

It was the time when the world witnessed a massive revolution in the taxi industry soon after the advent of taxi booking and dispatching software. After the revolution in the taxi industry, our business was going irrelevant in front of the taxi industry giants. Since we were new to the taxi-hailing industry, we needed a system or a better solution to compete with the strong players in the market. We were in need of a taxi management system that can help us grow our productivity and our digital presence in the market. From a reference, we came to know about cab treasure and we put our needs in front of them.

Cab Treasure came out to be more than our expectations. We weren’t expecting such a great mobile application that would help us achieve immediate success. We were able to streamline our business process and simplified taxi booking and dispatching job. On this day, we are the one of the leading taxi-hailing service in United Kingdom.

The sole reason for our immediate success was the profound driver application and the customer application. It was undeniably awesome. Moreover, the application was made on a great theme and was equipped with sound dispatch features that eventually help us to rule over our competitors.

Thanks to Cab treasure who make it happen”. 

Who we are, and how authoritative we are in the industry, can be judged easily by our customer’s reviews. It is always pleasure reading our client success stories and our role in helping them achieve a particular target. Undoubtedly, their success defines our success in the digital world.

Another client from UK shared their success story. The unique part about the client was that they weren’t having a good time in their business. They were starting to lose hope. At that time, they had no such digital presence. We inquired about their needs and try to analyze things that they are missing. After our tedious efforts and analyzing industry practice, we were able to come with something more innovative and productive. That’s what we call an effective taxi management system.

Cab treasure Taxi Management System helped our client evolve like a pro.

We were doing very well before the launch of taxi management system. Soon after its launch, we started facing massive hurdles in managing day-to-day taxi operations. The competition was growing day by day and at instant, we thought it would be impossible to survive.

The main hurdle we were facing was to add more taxis to our existing system. Our system wasn’t proficient in handling a large fleet and that is when it became even more difficult to survive. From a reference, we came to know about cab treasure. To be very honest, we weren’t that hopeful.

Cab treasure was able to provide us with an outstanding all-in-one solution to get our share of the pie. We wanted someone who can bring us out from stagnancy and provide us with a fruitful solution.

Cab treasure provided us with an efficient on-board taxi management system that assisted us in regaining our digital presence. We were able to expend our fleet and managing day-to-day taxi operations turned out to be very easy. The best part about the system was the useful insights it adheres, which helped us to know our good areas and the downright ones. We were able to take smarter decisions.

Today, we have a good digital presence and are the growing taxi business. Thereby, cab treasure made us stand ahead of our competitors, especially the strong players in the market. Many thanks to cab treasure who retrieved us from the verge and helped us get more business.

I strongly recommend cab treasure for taxi startups who would like to evolve like a pro”.

What we learned from our customer reviews is that before making a taxi dispatch, it is very significant to analyze the market. Knowing the needs of the customer along with the market approach, both are the key points that should be focused while building an effective taxi dispatch. A proficient taxi dispatch system works on providing convenience to the customers, while helping a business in managing day to day taxi operations.

To this day, cab treasure had been successful in modifying many taxi businesses and is working hard to meet the on-going demands of taxi businesses. If you are looking for a taxi dispatch system, come to us; we will help you build a strong online presence.

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