About Us

Cab Treasure, established in 2010, uses advanced technologies to assist companies to reach their fullest potential. Since the business began, we have studied the processes involved in the operational requirements of taxi companies, in order to offer the highest quality service to our clients.

Every step we have taken has been with our clients in mind and we have constantly utilised their feedback to improve.

Cab Treasure is designed to offer high quality service, at a great, low price.

Software Training

Cab Treasure installation is truly seamless; our professional team will install all components of our system for you, ensuring it is completely operational, prior to departure and the entire system will be setup to cater to your business requirements.

Around The Clock Support

After installation and configuration has been finalised, our expert engineers will train your operators and managers on how to utilise our systems and its features to their fullest potential.

We strongly believe that high quality customer service is at the core element of any successful business and that is exactly why we provide all of our customers with a 24/7 telephone line for support and assistance. We know that any business can encounter problems, and we therefore take responsibility in supporting you through every operational issue or confusion. Not only are our expert team available by phone, but if they are not able to fix or amend the issue via telephone, they will visit your office to make sure that all is rectified and service continues to run smoothly.

Have questions?

Talk to a representative to find out how our technologies can help benefit your business.