Phone System

Emerald improves your service offering your customers improvements and solutions to back office requirements; enjoy bespoke monitoring and reporting systems to review service quality, employee activity and customer to driver communication.

  • Free unlimited VoIP telecom lines
  • Offers the ability to reduce operational costs by up 90%
  • Interactive voice response, auto attendance and call recording integration, allowing for reduction in operational requirements.
  • Flexible greeting, auto attendance and multiple hold music selections improving around the clock customer service
  • Remote access through cloud telephone lines available on mobile application, improving flexibility and reliability to your customers
  • Improved driver to customer communication
  • Call statistics wallboard to review service quality, enquiries and employee activity
  • Call monitoring and reporting systems

IVR – Interactive Voice Response for Automated Booking

Streamline your service and supply all customers with instant booking availability through Interactive Voice Response; provide your business with an automated booking solution and reduce the number of missed calls or enquiries during busy periods.

  • Customers can book a taxi within a matter of seconds without having to speak to an operator, offering seamless and efficient service
  • Avoid missing calls or enquiries during busy periods
  • Automated booking solution without the need for controller presence
  • Utilise IVR as a permanent or on demand solution

Call Statistics Wallboard

Customer communication is at the core of any business and review all communication performance levels with Cab Treasure & Emerland call statistics wallboard; provide agent monitoring of inbound and outbound call activity, highlight idle and active employees and review service quality with average talk time and number of daily calls.

  • Offers real time call and agent monitoring
  • Monitors inbound and outbound call activity
  • Highlights the number of agents logged in, busy and idle
  • Displays level of service, average talk time and total number of calls, both answered and missed

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