Bespoke Dispatch & Booking Systems

Cab Treasure have built softwares and functionalities to offer your customers and employees a streamlined and seamless service. Put your business first and press play with the industry leading Hybrid system!

Mobile applications built entirely to suit your business’ needs, Cab Treasure offers consumer facing solutions and operational software to solve any company requirement.

Never miss an enquiry again and instantly accept bookings from anywhere and everywhere with Cab Treasure.

Cloud Communication Packages

Communication is key for any business and with Emerald you can guarantee high quality service to your customers at all times. Utilise traditional telephone lines, VoIP communication packages or auto attendance with interactive voice response. At Cab Treasure, we ensure all packages and systems offered to you are tailored entirely to suit your business; improve employee monitoring, customer service and operational flexibility with our solutions.

24/7 Support

When clients choose Cab Treasure they can be rest assured that their business is always taken of! Take advantage of comprehensive customer service and utilise your dedicated support manager, on demand training sessions and around the clock support line to ensure your systems are fully integrated and performing to their fullest potential at all times.

Enjoy a commitment-free demo with Cab Treasure & find out just how quickly and seamlessly our solutions can improve your business, both operationally and economically.

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