Replicate Uber App In The Road To Success

Replicate Uber App In The Road To Success
18/09/2018 cabtreasure

Must-Haves Of A Taxi Booking App To Replicate Uber.

Uber is an inspiration for many taxi businesses around the world as many admire its immediate success. The world changed its business from traditional taxi system to online taxi system. Since its inception, uber had been successful in progressing its taxi services in many parts of the world. The business that started in California is now found in more than 100 countries of the world. The online taxi booking system set a benchmark in the taxi world and got immediate success soon after its launch. There are many features that a taxi booking app must have, for better results.

The Global Positioning System:

GPS system is the core feature of any taxi business as it helps drivers to identify the right location of the customer. From pick up point to Destination; the feature allows to identify the accurate location as well as it notifies the driver about the traffic conditions.

Automated Fares

Negotiating for a fair bill with the drivers was once havoc for many people, but the online taxi booking system bought the feature of automatic fare generation which removed the hurdles of payments. Taxi booking app calculates the total fare according to the km/charges feed into the application. This generates automatic fares at the end of rides, and allows customers to pay either via a credit or with cash.

Automatic collection of Driver’s fees:

The app generates the companies share and the driver share. This removes the chances of any delinquency that may or may not occur at any time. The online taxi booking system allows the application to generate billing cycle, create multiple subscription plans, and avoid manual paperwork. Moreover, the system should allow the driver to have access of all the necessary billings. This will maintain the trust of your drivers and will eventually increase the productivity of your business.


This feature is in fact very significant for any type of business around the world. Analytics helps in creating insights for any business which tells a business about its approach to people. It further informs the business about its successful targets and the unsuccessful ones. In short, it tells a business that whether it is progressing at the right path. The online taxi booking system does support a built-in feature that gives the accurate numbers to business and show ways to generate more profit.

In short, It works as a mirror for any brand, business, or firm. It will tell you who you are, and your worth in the world.


This is a significant feature of any taxi business. But the irony is, most businesses ignore this important feature. We live in an insecure world, where we can expect worse. What the feature does is, it takes the necessary drivers information and make a profile. This is termed as “Drivers Authentication.” Drivers profiles along with the customer profile are very important as in case of any accident or misconduct, the company can take necessary action against the victim. This helps in investigating and reaching to the concern people. Without a driver profile or a customer profile, how will anyone identify the people who were involved?

Therefore, a taxi business must enforce the customers as well as the drivers to update the necessary information in the application. The necessary information should include Valid CNIC, Picture, Number, Address etc.

Promotional Aspect

The app should run like a communication bridge between the drivers, customers and the business operators. The app should feature push notification which updates customers and drivers regarding news, promo codes, and campaigns. This is very necessary for any business because strong communication is one of the major reasons of success for any business.

Therefore, for a strong internal communication between the business operator and drivers, the app should work on an effective communication protocol.

Web-based Panel

An ideal taxi booking app should have the necessary API’s and web-based dispatching and tracking panels that enables the application to take orders, track orders, manage orders and drivers, and much more. This also helps in better communication within the company protocol.

Moreover, the application should be able to generate an accurate fare calculator, split payments, referral programs, vehicle selection, in order to ensure a smooth flow of any taxi business. These are the key things to look for when buying any taxi dispatch.

Take the uber application as an ideal. I am not saying to copy or produce a replica of it. Off course, things don’t end on uber. However, the features included in the uber application are a must-have for your taxi business. Missing one feature will cause much harm to your business. It is evident that the success of the taxi business depends heavily on a good taxi dispatch and a well-built taxi booking app. Taxi booking application along with the whole dispatch works on improvising communication protocol while ensuring that the best services are delivered to the customers.

taxi booking app

Other than that, the location of your business directly reflects the needs of the business. You need to look out of the box and see what’s trendy in the market. Give a deep look at your competitors and check their approach to its customers. This will help you develop even a better app than your customer.

One of the most important aspects of doing a business is to maintain a constructive approach in dealing matters of business. Success may take time, and at times, you may face unveiled challenges with no possible solution. You need to be patient while putting your level best in your business. Don’t fear trying new strategies as if it may not work well for your business but it will manipulate your experience in dealing with business matters. When you successfully get a good taxi-hailing app, change your focus to marketing. Marketing will push your business to start and the dispatch will do the rest.

There are many dispatch makers. The best way to figure out the best is to talk to them and ask for demos. Good luck!






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