Retaining Lost Customers To Your Taxi Business

Retaining Lost Customers To Your Taxi Business
04/10/2018 cabtreasure

Losing customers? Know the insights that can help you retain them

Losing customers is among the most downright factor for any taxi business across the globe. With the increasing competition, it has become much more difficult to retain customers to the existing taxi business. According to a recent research carried out in the United Kingdom, it stated “the biggest reason for losing customers lies in neglecting their complaints and poor company attitude. Moreover, the incompetency of a taxi booking app is also a major reason for the loss of customers.

Customers can make or break your company. So they should be taken care off:

An effective customer care is the most influential part of any taxi business as it helps them to manage customers’ preferences and their complaints. So how does a good customer care works:

  • A taxi-hailing company should have the accessibility of a 24/7 customer care. Customers want their voice to be heard all the time so it’s very important to stay connected with them.
  • Secondly, you need to appoint some decent customer care representatives that can solve their feedback and complaints. They should know the relevant answers to the issues and should be authorized to take immediate decisions.
  • The company should make sure about any kind of irresponsible behavior by the customer care representative and shall take strict actions against them.
  • Customers do want to feel valued all the time. You always need to make them feel that their concerns are being heard and valued.
  • A customer care representative should be very careful in replying to the customer especially on emails and complaints forums because the tech-savvy users are always quick to share their opinions and experience on the social media. This can be a huge setback for any business operating in any part of the world.


If you already have a full-functioning customer care and you don’t find anything wrong in it, then you surely need to look at a few other things.

Rewards For Loyal Customers:

Know the importance of loyal customers and their value to your business. For a progressive approach, it is ideal to assign bonuses and rewards to your regular customers as this will increase their loyalty towards your business.

From referral programs to discounts and free rides; make sure your taxi dispatch system supports the feature of instant notifications to the customers. These are also very significant in approaching the lost customers who are no longer using your service. This might be a very good idea to retain them to your business.

taxi booking app

An appreciation note to the customers and their importance is also an important way to grab their attention to your business. This may sound like a but wage but still, it helps. This kind of behavior can be a game changer for your business as that might help your fetch good customers.

Keeping the quality of the services constant!

First of all, you need to make sure that your taxi booking app is equipped with all the latest features being used and is according to the industry practice. A taxi booking app determines the convenience customers faced while booking a taxi. If your service is incompetent to provide convenience the way your competitors are doing, it surely is a red sign for your business.

So how can you improve the convenience in your services? Well, a good way is to get a proficient dispatch system that can help you beat your rivals and grab new customers. This step should only be taken if the above two points don’t work.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the operating system. Make sure your operator is fully independent to assign rides and the system is working fine to indicate the nearest drivers. Any fault in the system will obviously create hassles for the end user. If there’s a problem with the dispatching, you need to get the job done right. Contact your dispatch maker or anyone who can make it work right.

Taxi Booking Application:

Secondly, make sure your drivers’ mobile application is free of bugs and is efficient in handling lots of rides. Sometimes the application got incompetent to accept more rides due to the loss of signals. You need to make sure from every end that your applications are working smoothly and seamlessly.

If you are still losing customers, then you need to look at the customer’s application. Make sure it is providing instant notifications and promos that are being accepted. A regular test is very essential to make sure a smooth process of dispatch system. Customers are always in a hurry, thereby, you need to fix the issues as soon as possible without adding further hurdles to it.

Holding Contest And Surveys:

One good way of retaining customers lies in holding contests and surveys because you have to keep your brand alive. The survey will allow them to notify problems your company should overcome and suggestions that should be placed to make your service better. Though this strategy is a bit old, however, this is still the most constructive approach a business can go in retaining customer’s attention to your business.

In the world of social media where people are very quick to share their experience, it is very significant to develop a careful approach in dealing with their day-to-day problems. I repeat, convenience is the key factor and there is a reason for that.

People are just way busy in their life’s and almost everyone is tangled onto their own problems. Thereby, they always look for something easy that can provide them with the ultimate comfort. Secondly, you can also play the price-game by introducing free rides and cheap rates for per kilometer. You can continue this offer for a particular time until it gets work.

Customer care and a good taxi dispatch system along with the constructive applications are a game changer for any taxi hailing company. I sincerely hope that the above points will help you retain customers and should there be any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

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