Why Traditional Taxi Businesses Failed Miserably?

Why Traditional Taxi Businesses Failed Miserably?
11/09/2018 cabtreasure

The Online Taxi Booking System; A Smart Choice For Taxi Business

Traditional taxi booking system was on the brink of destruction. All it need was a revolution; a change that could make people life’s easier. Greedy taxi drivers along with unsafe traveling were alarming the need for an effective taxi protocol. Booking a taxi wasn’t less than a herculean task. The worn-out taxi’s together with heavy fares give additional support to the online taxi booking system, which is one reason why it got its immediate success in its very first year of launch.

The arrival of online taxi booking system has simplified the operation of traditional taxi business, thereby improving service quality. It further automated every technical thing related to the taxi business.

Why Online Taxi Booking System got its immediate success? Perhaps, the answer lies in the hurdles faced by people in using traditional Taxis.

Worn-out Taxi’s

The taxis were in a very miserable condition, and taxis drivers were always reluctant to pay attention to the condition of their cars. The AC was too heterodox. Nobody likes traveling to long or short miles in immense heat but they had to. Damaged doors together with congested seats were not less than a Horror Movie.

Traveling was not easier at all. People had to move large distance by foot to get a taxi from taxi stand. Standing in the sweltering summer, waiting for a taxi, and negotiating for a decent fare demanded a system, where taxi booking can be made easy.

Unfair fares

If you finally managed to book a taxi, the next havoc step is to negotiate for a decent fare. Huge fares for some miles were very common. Often drivers will refuse to go at a certain location, thereby demanding a double fare for that place. This was pretty normal in most of the cases.

Heavy fares together with unsafe travel were creating an air of disbelieve with the traditional taxi system.


The belligerent behavior of the drivers was unbearable. Often they would resist going to certain places. When you will insist, they would demand a double fare.


Lack of security

The taxis weren’t safe. Thousand of harassment cases went unnoticed because there was no system. Nobody was there to watch them or control their movements. Lack of security was perhaps one of the major reasons that added unpopularity to traditional taxi system.

Uber came up with an idea of digitalizing all the process. It went unpopular because nobody thought that It can be done.

But uber did it. It introduced a system where booking taxi was more convenient then it was ever expected. Nobody thought that booking taxi would be so easy that people would be doing it from their homes. Nobody thought that they would get automated bills for their journey. Nobody thought that they would get to travel in luxury cars.

Today, there are thousands of taxi businesses around the world who have got immense profit with the help of taxi dispatch. Now they can streamline their business operations more effectively, and more conveniently. Although there were many reasons that led to the immediate success of online taxi booking system, below are the most important ones.

Organized business processes

Previously, cab booking was very difficult. Assigning rides to cab drivers was a tiresome and time-consuming activity. With taxi booking system, taxi operators can easily assign rides to the nearest driver available. From a customer point, it will manipulate convenience. From a drivers point, they will get more rides and will earn more by saving fuel.  The business owners can get orders instantly, allow their drivers to accept or decline a ride, monitor their movements, and help them track customer destination by having access to GPS location. Beside all these conveniences, customers are able to book their rides from wherever they want, reach the destination on time, and making payments via cash or credit card.

Improvised features

Taxi business apps come with upgraded features that made it must-have for taxi businesses. The key features include:

  • Convenient user interface to book rides from wherever they want.
  • A systemic way to scheduling rides.
  • Customer can get benefit from highly secured method of payment.
  • Automated fares and calculation relaxes customer and avoid any chance of delinquency.

 Cost-effective and time-saving

Modern taxis are way cheaper than the old traditional taxis. Everyone likes traveling for cheap. This is one of the major benefits of online taxis that it supports a cost-effective billing system. It also generates a calculated bill which gives reading about the pricing.

Most Importantly, It’s time-saving. Book a ride from anywhere. You will be notified once your driver has reached your desired location. You can even contact him easily via an app and guide them to the accurate destination.

Convenient and beneficial

What can be more convenient than booking a taxi while sitting on your sofa? What can be more convenient than traveling in a luxurious car? What can be more convenient than getting automated fares for the journey? Without any doubt, online taxi booking system has manipulated the convenience factor and has helped many people across the world.

online taxi booking system

Without a good dispatch, it is quite impossible for any taxi business in any part of the world to get success. Perhaps, taxi booking application is a backbone of any taxi business. Like everything, it needs improvement too. Taxi booking system has to be updated with the latest features that are being introduced worldwide. A recent introduction was that customers and drivers number are now kept confidential and yet, they can contact each other during the ride. This has added the security factor overall.

If you are a taxi business owner, push yourself for getting a good dispatch. The competitive way to find out the best dispatch is to request demos from companies. This way, you will able to find out the best one suited for your business. Good luck!


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