Useful Insights About A Taxi Dispatch System

Useful Insights About A Taxi Dispatch System
12/09/2018 cabtreasure

A Useful guide to Taxi Dispatch System

A taxi Dispatch system is a defined method of allocating the jobs to drivers.  The system supports an advanced technology known as GPS that allows drivers to reach their customer’s location by following the map. The basic idea behind a taxi dispatch system was to provide convenience to people in booking a Taxi and help taxi companies in managing day-to-day operations while gaining larger profits.

A look Back to Traditional taxi system:

Traditional Taxis were very unpopular due the hectic procedure of booking a taxi. Customer had to walk miles to a taxi stand in order to book a taxi, while there was no guarantee how much time it may take.

Negotiating with the drivers for a reasonable fare was not less than a milestone. Often, they would resists going to certain places, while on insist, they would demand a double fare for the same distance.

Taxis weren’t safe at all. There are thousands of criminal delinquencies and harassment cases reported in Traditional taxis.

Traditional taxis were in a very miserable condition as most taxi drivers don’t pay attention to the condition of their cars. The congested space of taxis made it worse for traveling. AC was non-existent.

The era of Taxi Dispatch

Uber came up with an incredible idea of introducing a system that would allow people to book taxis online from their homes. It went unpopular, but uber successfully launch it.

taxi dispatch system

The taxi dispatch system launch by Uber made it very easy for people to book taxis from anywhere, and reaching destination came out to be easier than it was ever expected. The GPS technology allowed the driver to know the customer location and Destination. These remove most of the hurdles people face in booking a taxi.

Uber Taxi Booking system was integrated with advanced technologies that helped businesses in managing day to day operations of a taxi business while getting them more customers and engagement in their locality.

More Customers means more business, profit.

Steps of Booking a Taxi via Taxi Booking System

  • Book a ride from the application
  • Wait for the driver
  • Get a receipt of the bill

There are mainly three components of a taxi dispatch system.

  1. Driver Application
  2. Customer Application
  3. Admin Panel:

Admin Panel:

This is just like a dashboard where the operator is notified about a ride request. He then dispatches the ride to the nearest driver available. Both the driver and the customer are notified about the approval of the ride. The system gives an estimated time of driver arrival to the customer. The driver is provided with the accurate location of the customer.

The operator also has the ability to notify drivers about any upcoming bonus or an important notification. Similarly, for customers, the system can convey them a message about any recent update in pricing, promos, discounts, free rides etc.

Admin panel is also integrated with insightful analytics about the business. It supports useful insights along with graphical representation which tells a business about its performance, popularity, success rate and much more. In short, useful insights help a business to take smarter decisions and stay competitive in the market.

Nobody thought that it would be so easy!

Driver Application:

Driver Application is integrated with many updated software tools that allows the driver to accept or cancel the ride assigned by the operator. Once the driver accepts the rider, the driver is notified with the customer name, place, accurate location, and the number. This helps him to reach to the location at the earliest possible time. The application features an earning panel which tells the driver about his daily, weekly and monthly earning. The driver can judge his performance daily that is a good source of motivation for anyone.

Driver app also support a emergency contact with the operator, and it also allow the driver to dispute the bill of any ride.

One of the latest technological advancement in the driver app is the “Number Hidden” feature that hide the number of a customer but yet, it allows the driver to call the customer via the application. This prevent any future contact with customer after the ride. This is regarded as one of the best technological advancement when it comes to “Securing people” in the journey.

Customer Application:

Customer Application is the most convenient application ever introduced in the taxi dispatch system. The application allows the customer to book a ride, know the estimated bill, and the estimated time of driver arrival. This saves time, and provides efficiency in booking a taxi.

Other than that, taxi booking system features a constructive notification panel which notifies the customer about the recent discounts, offers, promos, free rides or with any other important notice.

One of the recent advancement in the customer application is the ability to track rides of your family. It means that your family members can track your ride while you are traveling in taxi. This is again a great advancement when it comes to “Securing people” during the journey.

Taxi Dispatch system is a modern form of taxi booking system that has manipulated convenience and feasibility for everyone in need of a taxi. On the other side, it has helped the taxi business to earn larger profits and gain larger engagement in the digital world. The innovation has helped many small taxi businesses to expand their network and grow their business.

The best taxi dispatch system would work on providing convenience to people in booking a taxi while allowing the taxi business to manage their day to day operations successfully. A modern dispatch should be equipped with all the recent or old technological features needed in dispatching rides.

Staying competitive in the market and beating the old giants of the taxi-hailing industry need a good strategic plan that would work on providing customers with better services. Apart from a good taxi dispatch system, a proactive marketing plan is the soul partner of the success of any taxi company.



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